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Polythene Bags

If you need bags, we can supply any sort of bag you can possibly need. Whether you need large or small, printed or plain we can customise bags for you. Let us know what your requirements are and we would be more than happy to help.  Our range of platic bags is made to comply with rigorous industry standards. The following list is an indication of our enormous array of bags. Order in large or small quantities via our order form.


In high demand for retail outlets, singlet bags are the most convenient grocery shopping bag.

Shrink  Bags

Our PVC shrink bags are for use in thermal machines for the food industry. They will maintain their integrity under high temperatures. They meet food safety guidelines.

Bin liners

Our bin liners come in a wide variety of sizes and are made of the highest quality to meet industry standards.

Carry bags

We can provide your company with a wide variety of carry bags, with or without your logo.

Garbage Bags

We supply many sizes of garbage bags for Commercial, Industrial and Domestic settings.

Freezer Bags

Our freezer bags come in many sizes and meet the stringent food safety standards.

Paper Bags

Come to us for all your paper bag requirements. From lunch bags to heavy duty shopping bags, carry bags and promotional bags.

Resealable Bags

Our resealable bags are a popular choice for food manufacturers. Great for cheeses, smallgoods and frozen foods.

Printed Bags

We can print any bags for any purpose. From promotional show bags to resealable food bags.

Coin bags

We are a leading supplier to major banks for coin bags. They come in standard denomination sizes for ease of use.

Specimen bags

We supply a variety of medical specimen bags to hospitals, private clinics and local GPs.

High and low density Bags