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Bostik Products

Wayne Richardson Sales is a major distributor of the Bostik product range. For all your hot melt, sealant, silicone needs and more contact your representative today or our customer service.

Hot melt

Our hot melt adhesives can bond coated and non-coated corrugated and fiberboard substrates. They are great for adhering difficult to bond surfaces. They perform exceptionally well in high-speed production.
Some of the applications include:
Case & carton sealing, tray construction
Folding boxes and composite cans
Bottle and can labelling


Our sealants come in a range of colours and applications


We have a wide range of silicone sealers.

PVA glues

Home handyman and craft supplies as well as professional woodcraft industries such as furnishing.

No More Nails

Great product for woodworking.


Mastic is a premixed acrylic tile cement delivered in a tube. We supply it in various pack sizes. Great for home handyman market as well as professional tile layers.


Butyl has many applications in manufacturing. We supply industrial grade Butyl – great for waterproofing items.

Structural adhesive

When you need an adhesive you can trust, we have a range of adhesives for building and construction, automotive, aerospace and marine quality durability.

Polyurethane adhesives

We have a range polyurethane adhesives, which have been specially developed for use with textiles.

Roof/guttering silicone

Bostik’s range of roof and guttering silicone is designed for tough Australian conditions.

Rhodorsil Range

Rhodosil has been specially developed for glazing applications to provide a flexible, yet weather tight seal.