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Machine Tools & Accessories

To make your job easier, quicker, cleaner and safer, Wayne Richardson Sales have the machinery and tools you need. We can help you with streamlining your manufacturing process, to efficiently incorporate packaging rather than having to outsource a third party packing company. We have a vast array of dispensers, sanders, polishers, wrappers, strappers and sealers we are sure to have the system for you. Just ask!
The list below is an indication of the packing machines we have:

Carton Sealers

Top and bottom, side belt drive, random, flap fold down, carton erector


Crimper, tensioner, combinations

Stretch Wrappers

Friction brake models, semi automatic to fully automatic

Tape Dispensers

Pistol grip, desktop, bench, heavy duty, multiple roll

Sanders and polishers

Heat shrink tunnels

Jet melt, hot melt glue guns

Void fill machines

Rapid fill

L-Bar sealers

semi to fully automatic

Hood shrink machines

Impulse sealers